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surprised the worker doing speed enforcement inside. >> the individual went to the rear window of the jeep and began tapping on the rear window with a shotgun. he said the individual then came around to the front of the truck. and began striking the front windshield with his hammer. he said the suspect was yelling and within minutes the individual he said walked back into the wooded area. >> reporter: the worker was unhurt. the suspect slipped away. the damage today included a broken windshield and a very frighteninged worker. i'm lindsey mastis in northwest washington. metro is again having problems with escalators according to a performance report. worsening problems recorded by metro in may including problems with doors. at times it causes delays. >> usually don't know until you get on the train. >> reporter: more escalators out of service. according to a report 103 were out of service in may. today it is around 80.
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metro spokesman saying he expected that. >> many of those 82 are out of service not because they are broken but because we are rebuilding them. >> reporter: he says metro is spending $150 million on escalators alone. as for standards set by metro, their goals change from time to time and this last report lowered the bar a bit. i'm peggy fox at the prince william county courthouse where a mother and veterinarian made her first court appearance today after being charged with felony murder in the death of her 2-year-old son. karen murphy and her husband answered no questions as they walked quickly out of the judicial centre. charged with felony murder after accidentally leaving her 2-year-old son ryan strapped in her honda odyssey. she forgot to drop him off at daycare before going to her animal hospital. >> very sad case. didn't have to happen but it did. >> reporter: ryan murphy was
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left in the minivan for more than seven hours. she was called a loving mother who is devastated after making such a tragic mistake. >> we will do everything we can to legally keep this family together and to keep the prosecutor and the legal system from tearing this family apart. that story that just won't go away. well, it will be with us for another day. casey anthony scheduled for sentencing tomorrow morning. 9 a.m. and everybody is still talking about the verdict in the case that came down yesterday. but one person who would seem to know what he is talking about, an alternate juror, says he is supports the verdict reached by those 12 jurors who found anthony not guilty of murder. russell heard all of the testimony although he was not on the deliberations and he sayses prosecutors didn't establish a motive or prove murder. >> they didn't show us how caylee died and that was important. no one could answer that. overall, i think the family
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knows a lot more than what came out at the trial. >> and tomorrow the judge will sentence anthony on four misdemeanor charges of lying to the police. she has already spent nearly three years in prison and many legal experts predict therefore she will be set free with time served. now it is not clear if casey anthony's family will be helping them out. she reportedly received death threats and her lawyer implicated george anthony in the child's death. one legal expert i spoke to earlier on 9news now at 5 p.m. says casey anthony may end up a very wealthy woman and a lot of people at the same time will be after her. >> what she will be facing probably is an avalanche of lawsuits against her. >> really who is going to sue outside of the family. >> she could write a book and make $1 million on it very soon. what will happen is you have the nanny suing her. people that will sue her saying she misspoke, she defamed them. and people will be running
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after her. >> a lot you still with very much to stay about this verdict. i'll have some of your comments later on in if you want to chime in the address is police have nod said if a 17-year-old is related to dye. her husband and son found the woman after they got home tuesday night from work. a laurel family received news today that they had been dreading. investigators have determined that a body found last week in macon, georgia, is that of lauren giddings. she just graduated from law school. her neighbor is a person of interest in her case. video cameras becoming an
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increasing important law tool capturing people committing crimes. what about when police are on the other side of the lens and images of them making arrests are posted online. as our matt jablow shows us, it can lead to quite the controversy. >> reporter: there seems to be a new one every day. a video posted online of somebody being arrested often with force. just in the past few months here in washington we had the five people arrested by u.s. park police at the jefferson memorial protesting a ban on dancing. the man in the wheelchair arrested by metro transit police and now a man being arrested by dc police in the petworth neighborhood after appearing to challenge one officer to a fight. the videos often get a significant number of views online but the question is are they legal? >> we do feel strongly about
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it. >> reporter: arthur spitzer is suing the police department for arresting a client simply for taking pictures in georgetown last july. >> is he a young man that is an amateur photographer. >> reporter: anybody can take pictures or videos of anybody else including police on a public street. >> we are not against the police here. we are in favor of the first amendment. >> the idea we are stopping people from videotaping us is absurd. >> reporter: the head of the police union agreeing that it is perfectly legal unless it interferes with the arrest. he cautions the videos that often end up online are not always an accurate portrayal of what actually happened on the street. >> while video may show certain events it is important you collect all the other facts before you make a decision before you rush to judgment. >> reporter: according to him a lot of online videos are edited specifically to make police
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look bad and that unfortunately the truth often ends up on the cutting room floor. matt jablow, 9news now. >> as for whether the increase in the number of those videos reflects a corresponding increase in excessive force used by the cops that's hard to say. according to the dc police excessive force complaints from the public are actually down 16% this year compared to last year. meet the prince george's new police. he was a narcotics commander and he is credited with improving morale on the force. is he a 27-year vet of that department. topper, some showers earlier, sunshine later. now the humidity is here. >> oh, yes. humidity is good and thick. typical dc summertime. you know what, pretty nice evening. we have sunshine. a little bit of a breeze helping matters. temps in the mid-80s primarily.
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84 downtown. 82 in manassas. little warmer to the north and west actually. 88 in leesburg. 89 in hagerstown. the game is underway. you have time to run down to nats park and see it. taken showers out. partly cloudy, warm and muggy. daytime time temperatures 80 to 85 as we host the cubs. winds southwest at about 10. for us tonight just look for partly cloudy skies and muggy, patchy fog late. mid-70s. we will come back and talk about a cold front. we will tell you what that means for your morning and evening commute tomorrow. a plane goes down in virginia shattering into pieces. but what happened next? we will tell you about it right after this.
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dc mayor vincent gray chiming in on the metro debate saying he favors an above ground parking lot at the dulles and is urging council members to switch their votes. an underground station would cost $300 million more. the driver in may's deadly tour bus accident in virginia pleaded not guilty today to four involuntary manslaughter charges. 37-year-old cheung admitted he fell asleep when the sky express bus overturned on i-95 north of richmond. the trial is set for september the 12th. a small plane crash landed
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in the woods near an airport in henry county virginia tuesday evening. an airport worker saw the plane go down and helped pull both men that were in it out of the plane was registered to a man in tennessee. we have not been told if the owner was one of the people on board. the ntsb is looking into it. that plane may not have had enough power to take off then get over the trees. topper is back with your full forecast a little later on. plus, it is a dust storm that really just looks incredible. we will have it for you.
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the dalai lama is in town to head up a series of religious events and he celebrated his 76th birthday today. delia gonclaves tells us thousands of buddhists traveled to washington to see it from all over the world. >> reporter: with the enthusiasm of youth. >> it is very special. >> reporter: and wisdom of age, followers of the dalai lama celebrate his holiness' birthday. >> it is an important event full of meaning. >> reporter: traveling from italy, another from spain. >> he wants everybody to be in peace. >> best gift for my birthday is
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the people here make a pledge to from now on follow nonviolence. >> reporter: his 76th birthday. 11 days of prayer meditation highlighted by construction of the circular mandela. >> the construction of the sun mandela itself is an exercise in the furtherance of world peace. >> reporter: in the name of peace some chinese natives celebrate his holiness even though he is a controversial figure in communist china saying we have maintained a relationship with the exiled tibetan government and we celebrate the dalai lama's birthday each year. at the national mall, delia gonclaves, 9news now. >> and that ceremony at the verizon center will cost you about $45 per day. it wraps up next week. the dalai lama will hold a free
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event saturday morning out on the west lawn of the u.s. capitol. well, i'll drink to that bill. a place for making laws and making a few drinks. ohio statehouse first full service bar opens next month and lawmakers can buy beer, wine and liquor there. it will be open to the public sometime. it will also host special events and what are described as private happy hours. vending machines in the breakroom not just for the drinks and snacks any more. facebook is filling them up with computer accessories and in one of their offices facebook has vending machines filled with keyboards, screen wipes. officials say these sorts of machines are cost effective. they help the company keep better track of supplies. pleas just have to swipe their badges to get whatever items they need and i guess the company knows who swipes it. >> check out this. it is dramatic time lapse video of a massive dust storm out there in phoenix, arizona. now, the thunderstorm down
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drafts created a giant dust cloud 50 feet high and it just swept across the city. the wall of dust actually had wind gusts inside. those gusts knocked down the trees and the power poles. >> we thought it was a cloud. and we were like, oh, that's interesting. we are taking pictures then we got into it and it was just black. >> yeah, turns out it is monsoon season in arizona. dust storms actually fairly common this time of year but rarely are they this big or this strong. i didn't know they had monsoons. >> this is their rainy season out there. >> doesn't rain that much though, does it? >> no. actually, it canceled flights and delayed flights. >> i can only imagine. >> we actually -- kind of pleasant outside. yes, it is humid. let's start with temperatures. not crazy hot though. mid-80s downtown. that's reasonable. upper 80s now as you head up
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into leesburg, martinsburg. down to the south in the low 80s in culpeper. and 81 in fredericksburg. 82 in andrews. not bad. we are in a summer pattern. no doubt about that. muggy storms mainly south and east tonight. pretty much taken them out of the immediate metro area. afternoon showers and thunderstorms possible thursday. and even a better chance of showers and thunderstorms on friday. in fact, thursday nifray mornin be a little bit of a mess. for tonight though let's just say partly cloudy and muggy. some patch fog late. lows 68 to 74 and winds out of the southwest at about 10. inside the beltway in downtown, a little bit uncomfortable tonight. low to mid-70s. 73 in arlington. 73 springfield. mid-70s downtown. but 71 in college park. maybe 68 in bowie. low 70s in waldorf and charles county. 69 in fairfax and maybe 70 in reston and also sterling. now tomorrow morning should stay dry becoming partly cloudy and warm. temperatures in the 70s and
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80s. air quality is actually better tomorrow. goes down to code yellow which is moderate air quality. we are code orange today. tomorrow afternoon partly cloudy and hot with thunderstorms. those that develop could be heavy and a few of shows could be severe. high temps low 90s. winds turn east-northeasterly at about 10. so highs tomorrow either side of 90. 91 in springfield maybe. arlington. 91 downtown. 90 in rockville. gaithersburg. 91 in fairfax and reston. break it down. tomorrow morning upper 60s to mid-70s. pretty muggy to start. 80s by lunchtime. so if you're walking around it will be hot and probably don't need an umbrella until the evening much scattered thunderstorms. now the next three days friday a better chance for showers and storms and consequently not as hot. mid-80s. get a break there. hot again on saturday. maybe a shower early but then we salvage a pretty nice day. high temperatures around 90. next seven days. we stay hot on sunday.
7:21 pm
low 90s. stay dry. mid-90s on monday. and then tuesday we could see more thunderstorms with temperatures in the low 90s and low 90s on wednesday and those storms that develop next week, derek, could be rather hefty as well. we will keep you posted but i think tonight we are in the clear if you want to take a walk with the dog or go outside you're fine. >> in the clear is good. thank you, topper. we get to our weird news file because this that's tough economic times you might not want to spend big dollars on your wedding, right. so to england where you can get married for one pound thanks to this. it is a wedding vending machine called the auto wed and this big tall thing was put up right there in that place after the photo of it was placed on the internet. the company that makes it has apparently been getting requests for it from all over the world. one pound. it plays a specially composed version of the wedding march, asks customers to select their type of union. the bride and groom then have
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the option of pressing one for i do and two for escape. perform es get -- purchasers get two plastic rings. we want to hear what you think. send your e-mails to mcginty's mail bag. the address 9news now will be right back. >> 9news now is sponsored by.... รบ
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in the mail bag tonight the casey anthony trial. but today some of the rage has given way to more thoughtful ideas like this one from jay sterling in virginia who says "everybody just needs to take a step back. the tension and anger i see on the internet is very sad. the media has made people think they know all the facts but we can't possibly know what really happened. it all breaks my heart too and i would like someone to blame but life is not a 60-minute cop drama where everything is tied up neatly at the end. john from shane till chantilly looks at all the evidence. the prosecutor couldn't tell us how the baby died much less show any direct evidence as to who did it. absent that direct evidence the defense laid a lot of reasonable doubt on the table.
7:26 pm
it casey anthony innocent? not sure. is she not guilty? well, by the standards of the best judicial system on this planet she is not guilty. the jury's verdict while not satisfying was correct. well said, john. i see it that way. but michele says "you and i are dead wrong. with all due respect my initial reaction was how in the world could someone who lied her way through a murder trial be acquitted? unlike you, i think there is something seriously wrong with the u.s. judicial system. okay, michele two things. casey anthony was convicted of the lying so she didn't get away with that but secondly, how would you have done it differently? keeping in mind now there is no perfect system and the fact that the evidence in this case did have some huge holes in it. what would you have done to ensure a conviction and maybe more importantly why are you so absolutely certain that casey anthony deserved it? the answers may be found at as always i look forward to hearing from you.
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that is our report. i will be right back leer at 11 p.m. and tonight busted. more of our investigation into allegations of police misconduct when cops accused of beating a man so badly he lost an eye. conduct charges going back years. we have pages and pages of those. that's our broadcast. i will see you a bit later. bye-bye. captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: these sweet honey clustery things have fiber?
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fiber one. almost tastes like one of jack's cereals. uh, forgot jack's cereal. [ jack ] what's for breakfast? uh, try the number one! i've never heard of that. [ wife ] it's great. it's a sweet honey cereal, you'll love it. yeah, this is pretty good. are you guys alright? yeah. [ male announcer ] half a days worth of fiber. not that anyone has to know.
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fiber beyond recognition. fiber one. this is "entertainment tonight," the most-watched entertainment news magazine in the world. >> will casey anthony be set free tomorrow? >> the prosecution did not do a great job. >> casey's stunning next move, and the death threats. >> she will have to worry. for a very long time about her safety. >> she can go ahead and tell her story. >> who would play her if she cashed in in hollywood. >> and from the menendez brothers to rob lowe playing drew peterson. murder movies ripped from the headlines. kate and william, what they're doing tonight as they pack for hollywood in just two days. >> kate is really, really excited. and will, will is a little bit nervous. >> where the stars want them to visit. >> malibu. maybe go to the pier. >> plus i know what is inside

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